Schutzhund at CCSC

Shooting at the German Shepherd Shutzhund Club of Canada.

I had the pleasure of shooting some Shutzhund training in the beginning of September at the Capital City Shutzhund Club. I’ve never seen such a bond between animal and trainer before. All the trainers, members and pups had a blast together. Most dog owners overlook the fact that their furry companions need more than just food, water and a walk around the block.  Every dog at the club looked like they were in their natural element. The practice of Shutzhund training helps owner and pet learn to communicate and trust each other.

Looking forward to shooting there again soon.

© Kristina Moraru
© Kristina Moraru

Exploring Toronto

It was just one of those lazy summer days when Max and I decided to go wandering downtown Toronto with our cameras in hand. I had no expectations of what I’d shoot or whether I’d even like what I would see illuminated through my Nikon’s small LED screen at the end of the day.

Turns out Max was a great subject.